Building The Worlds Largest Open Conversation Directory

Engineering the worlds largest open directory of organized social media conversations requires quite a few engineering marvels.

#Iconohash identifies organized social media conversations, monitors identified organized social media conversations, indexes for links, media, and participation, then produces full conversation reports available online for free – and it’s all completely automated.

The Process

We researched how online moderators promote, conduct, and manage their online community conversations.

Through our research we were able to design an intelligent system that automatically identified organized conversations and configured high value conversations for automated monitoring.

Our research also provided guidance on a robust moderator dashboard allowing moderators to monitor there conversations and identify what drives community engagement and what doesn’t.

The Results

Today, #Iconohash monitors thousands of organized conversations in real-time while powering the worlds largest and only online organized social media conversations directory for moderators and participants.

To date, #Iconohash has helped identify over 2,756,329 conversational hashtags with an average 1,755 hashtags added daily. Of these, 4,500 real-time conversations are monitored every hour and available via iconohash.com.

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