Bringing your business mobile is never smooth or easy. Many considerations need to be thought through, planned for, and designed for.

For Sickday Medical House Calls, the premiere in-home medical care provider in NYC, it meant designing a patient experience quintessential to the Sickday brand and quality of healthcare.

Our goal with Sickday was to deliver a new, secure, HIPAA compliant, and streamlined booking experience to mobile and to give patients a valuable resource for them and their families available right from their pocket.

The Process

The process for delivering the Sickday Medical House Calls mobile iOS app involved discovery, design, engineering, and launch support.

Patient and provider interviews led to a streamlined UX flow and optimized engineering sprints that delivered patients the best booking experience possible to get the healthcare they needed directly from their pocket.

The Results

The Sickday Medical mobile application for iOS was delivered with full payment integration and integration with Sickday’s own operations platform.

In addition to the design and engineering of the Sickday mobile app, we also provided design and production of all promotional media to facilitate the successful launch and growth of the Sickday Medical House Calls brand on mobile.

Skills Deployed

We help our clients leverage the top technology and strategies for delivering results in their organizations. For this project, we helped with:

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