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Sketch To Growth™️

Drive Expansion Confidently.
Execute Your Plan For Growth.

At Sketch To Growth™, we work with CEO’s of companies with $4m-$10m in annual revenue to turn their potential into growth through technology, sales, and capital.

Empowering Founders And CEOs For Massive Growth

We make your growth journey personal. Our experienced team of operators step in alongside you to fill strategic leadership roles helping you avoid costly mistakes and turn your business into a global market success story.

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  • Technology

    Expert technology leadership that helps you efficiently leverage technology to develop your products & services, automate your operations, and dominate your competition.

  • Sales Strategy

    Expert sales leadership that increases your business sales 3x to 5x by developing, training and deploying bespoke lead generation and sales playbooks that help explode your revenue.

  • Growth Capital

    Experts in capital to prepare your company to leverage outside capital through debt and equity and help you scale your business beyond it's limits.

How We Work

Sketch To Growth™ solves the biggest challenges you face when it comes to growth. The best leadership talent is hard to find and cost-prohibitive at the times your business needs them most. At these most critical moments of growth and opportunity, our team of experienced founder-operators step in and work hand-in-hand with you to put your growth vision in sight.

A single monthly membership gives you access to a proven team of strategists, operators, and leaders with a track record of success guaranteed to accelerate and amplify the trajectory of your business. 


game changing for how healthcare is delivered


made possible a reimagining of CRE investing


transformative in every way across technology & sales


monumental enablement across tech, sales, & capital


doubled valuation for exit through technology & strategy

Get On Your Path To Growth

We bring our team's expertise and experience to bear to eradicate your biggest barriers to growth. Whether that's technology, operations, sales, or capital, we're here to be part of your growth journey.

Team of Leader Operators

Experience Across Industries

Experts in Capital Resourcing

Experts in Sales Execution

Experts in Technology Implementation

Service Options



Tap into 25 year's of experience across technology, sales, and venture funding.


✓ Weekly strategic meetings with your executive team.

✓ High-level strategy development and review.

✓ Insights and guidance on market trends, competitive landscape, and growth opportunities.

Common Outcomes:

✓ Startup Pitch Preparation

✓ Documentation of Technology Specifications for development

✓ Sales Diagnosis and Strategic Advisory

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We work alongside the in-house leadership team every week to accelerate growth.


✓ Hands-on direction on operational execution and strategy implementation.

✓ Coordination with departments to align operations with overarching business goals.

✓ Ongoing support and troubleshooting for operational challenges.

Common Outcomes:

✓ Hiring & managing in-house & contract teams in sales & technology

✓ Automating Marketing & Sales

✓ Designing multi-regional growth strategies 

Sharing business ideas.



We get deep in the weeds working with you daily to supercharge your growth.


✓ Active participation in key meetings, stakeholder engagements, and critical negotiations.

✓ Comprehensive involvement in strategy development and decision-making.

✓ Leadership mentoring and coaching for your executive team members.

Common Outcomes:

✓ Venture Funding preparation

✓ Building and deploying Sales Operations

✓ Cybersecurity assessments and disaster recovery implementation 

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Frequently Asked Question

Full-time executive's with more than 10 years of experience cost between $280,000-$590,000 annually. On the path to growth, the leadership you need to make that next big leap is often out of reach and impossible to find. Sketch To Growth™️ offers the perfect balance of access to experienced leadership at a 1/3 the cost. 

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