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Sketch To Growth™️

About Us

Our Mission

At Sketch to Growth™, we are more than just advisors; we are growth catalysts, visionaries, and your strategic partners in the journey of business growth. Founded on the belief that every business has the potential to lead and innovate, we dedicate ourselves to unlocking your potential.

Your Leadership Team

José Cotto

Managing Partner - Technology, Startups, Marketing

With 20 years as an entrepreneur, 6 bootstrapped startups, and 2 exits - José's experience is multifaceted across business, technology, sales, and marketing. An invaluable asset to any CEO who understands the need to leverage technology for growth. His tech-savviness spans the full stack while his background as a corporate executive and advisory board member offers a broad business acumen.

Danny Beckett Jr.

Partner - Startups, Funding, Growth

A seasoned entrepreneur, founder, and investor, currently GP of Entrepreneur Ventures and MP of Beckett Industries, whose expertise is invaluable for fellow founders and CEOs. His unique blend of operator experience, venture building and mentorship goes beyond mere funding, providing startups and growth stage CEOs with the strategic direction needed for continued success.

John Glover

CRO - Sales, Marketing, Growth

Founder of Quality Revenue and a top expert in sales engineering, along with past roles including Venture Advisor at Launch413 and active angel investor, John brings valuable venture capital savvy. Known for achieving $10MM to $65MM in project revenue, John merges sales acumen with venture insights, making him vital for companies targeting quick growth.

Doni Perry

CISO - Technology, Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery

Retired United States Air Force where he managed the National Datacenter for Seismic Activity and supported the mission of worldwide Nuclear Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Doni’s private sector experience spans 2 decades and includes leading CIO/CSO efforts in logistics, healthcare, construction, banking and senior living.

Bahjat Ali Khan

Product Development & Project Management, Future COO/CTO

An accomplished Project and Product Manager with over 11 years of experience across various industries. Specializing in establishing and leading teams in agile settings, he excels in product development, program management, and strategic planning. Renowned for his expertise shines in crafting award-winning innovations tailored to diverse sectors.