Don’t be limited.

Go beyond just advice, get results. We help entrepreneurs and CEO’s leverage fractional leadership that turns your potential into performance and drives results in your technology, sales, and venture funding.

Don’t be limited.

Go beyond just advice, experience results. We help entrepreneurs and CEO’s turn potential into performance across your technology, sales, and venture funding.

At Sketch To Growth™, we make your journey personal. Our experienced team of operators step in alongside you to fill strategic leadership roles helping you avoid costly mistakes and turn your ideas into global market success stories. 💡

We offer organizations at every stage value because we have been there. We have each experienced every stage from idea to exit and have a visceral understanding of what’s needed at every step of the journey.

– José Cotto

Entrepreneur, Operator, Speaker, Coach, Technologist


Startups Thru Growth & Exit

We help Entrepreneurs and organizations at every stage of their journey get the resources and leadership guidance they need to execute and realize their vision.

From idea to exit, our team of tested experts are able to help you sleep better at night knowing you are not alone in the journey, you have the expertise you need, and you are empowered to make that next great leap.

Team up with Sketch To Growth and realize your dreams.


How We Bring Value

Working alongside you, we bring our team’s expertise in technology, sales, and venture funding to help you launch, grow, and transition – when necessary.

We help Entrepreneurs & CEOs:


Here are the kinds of results we help you deliver

Results In AI-powered Business Optimization

$176,400 saved every year with AI-powered field operations!

Explore how  we helped New York City’s most prestigious in-home healthcare provider maximize the efficiency of their field operations through AI-powered automation.

Results In Web Development

Building The Worlds Largest Open Conversation Directory

#Iconohash combines advanced AI and third party API integration to identify, track, and organize social media conversations, over 3,000 every hour, and produce full conversation reports for communities worldwide.

Results In Digital Product Development

iOS Mobile Healthcare

Explore how we helped this in-home medical care provider streamline and optimize the patient experience with a new, secure, HIPAA compliant, and streamlined booking experience accessible via your mobile phone.

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